Date of Last Revision: June 28, 2012.

What you can expect

This site provides you with a place to view confessions, anonymously post confessions, vote, and leave feedback.

What we expect from you

Please don't post personally identifiable information such as your real name. Don't abuse this site. Don't write about serious illegal activities (minor ones are ok). The last thing we want is the FBI asking us about your post. Since we don't keep track of you when you post your confession we can't identify you, but that doesn't mean the FBI doesn't have the money, resources, and nerd-power to find you.

If you see confessions which contain racist comments, advertisements, or other content that clearly abuses this site please flag them.

Please don't steal our stuff. No image hot-linking, using harvester bots, etc...

What we do to protect your privacy

When you visit our site, we only keep track of which confessions you voted on and which confessions that you flagged as inappropriate. We don't keep track of anything else. We accomplish this by storing a random id in your browser's cookie along with ids from posts which were voted on or flagged by you. These ids are also stored in our database. These ids are only used to keep track of which posts you voted on and which posts you have flagged. They are in no way linked to any confessions that you may post. We also don't save your computer's address in our database. We have no interest in knowing who you are (no offense).

This site is supported by ads. We are not in the business of selling your personal info. Besides, a list of ids to some posts that you voted on is not really worth anything.

This site implements common security measures to prevent malicious attacks from the web. This site is provided as is and without warranty.

Third Parties

We may place third party links and code, such as advertisements, on our site. These third parties have their own terms and privacy policy. When you click on an ad and leave our site it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with their policies.

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