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Assault Breaker
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I've found blood in my ears and nose multiple times in the last few years. One time there was blood literally dripping from one of my ears. The wierd part is, whenever I go to the doctor, everything checks out. Another wierd thing is that I'm abnormally thin. I eat more than anyone else in my family yet I only weigh 135-140 pounds. I'm a guy and 6 foot even, I should not weigh that little. I've been experiencing a lot of nightmares too. By a lot I mean like, too many. At least 1 every week, 3 just last week alone. I'm always dying horribly in all of them. One time I even thought I woke up only to die, then wake up and die again before waking up and finally staying alive. Really freaked out but alive. I'm really pale, my limbs are long, my teeth are sharp, canines specifically are longer and pointier than any others I've seen. I think I'm turning into a monster. What the f*** is going on here?

Sep 05, 2012
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