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Assault Breaker
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Ive been being attacked by a demon for 18 yrs and its getting extremely serious. It tried to take possession of me 2 yrs ago and make me harm my husband but I was able to break free. It tried to kill my dog a yr ago. It's extremely jealous of those I love. I've sought out a few priest but no one in my area has much experience with this stuff. God gave me a gift when I was 19 and I was told that is why I'm being attacked and that it's not going to stop. Does ANYONE have ANY advice for me? PLEASE HELP. :(.... Its almost been another year and I'm afraid it's coming back. I dream of what it's going to do and then it's always happens. Next it pins me to the wall about 3 ft off the ground choking me only holding me up by my neck. This SUCKS!! I've even been suicidal over it. Help??? This is NO JOKE.

Sep 04, 2012
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