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Assault Breaker
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alright here it goes i just need some advice from guys and girls im a 13 year old girl that goes to Scan (8th) i have a bf that goes to mclane (9th) weve been togeher for 1 year and recently he asked me if id have sex with him and of course im a virgin and hes not thats 1 of the reasons he said he wants to do it but i dont know if i should or not i mean because i still get kinda nervous when he kisses my neck and i dont know if itll hurt n im scared and i dont know how to have sex blaahhh im lame so should i? or am i to young do i need to wait?...plzz comment i told him id think about it n his face lit up like a kid with a cookie im in a awkward position

Sep 03, 2012
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