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Assault Breaker
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Alright so this is pretty embarrassing but here goes. I've been dating this guy for a little over 6 months, and I've fallen head over heels for him. I love him and he's helped me thru a lot. So, before dating him I was going thru a lot, and absolutely HATED waking up and going to school. Made me wanna die lol. But now, I get up myself. I set my own alarm so I can catch the bus at 6:20 in the morning. Even though I could have an extra hour of precious sleep, I choose to get up, get on the bus (I used to have a fear of getting on school buses because of a middle school experience), and going to school, just so I can get a hug from him. In the morning, when we first see eachother, he'll put his arm around me and hug me. He isn't one for PDA. We don't hold hands, and when we rarely kiss and hug in public. But every morning, he'll put his arm around me and hug me for a good minute. It makes me feel so loved, and happy. It's really corny, but I think it really demonstrates the effects of love on someone. -$FW

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