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Assault Breaker
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It was my husband who insisted we join the country club so I could play tennis a couple times a week. One day months ago Joan the manager asked if I would like a massage which is only $20 to members. I went in to a private room with only a long towel around me when James came in. I was expecting a woman but he assured me he was professional. I laid down with my face in the opening seeing only the floor. He started at my shoulder and when he began doing my legs his hand came far up in my thighs. Without thinking I opened my legs slightly and could feel his hands almost touching my vagina and I became quickly aroused. He asked politely if I would like him to massage my buttocks and again without thinking I said ok. My rear was not only exposed but his hands were all over my backside and down into my crotch. I actually had an orgasm with no penitration. That started it and now I have James massage me once a week. Its turned out where he sees me naked and although he doesn't penitrate me I orgasm every time.

Sep 16, 2014
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