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Assault Breaker
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I've never been a skinny girl, but recently I've seen pictures of myself tagged on Facebook, and I just look unbearable. I can't stand how big I've gotten. The problem is - this is less than I used to weigh, and I'm still huge and disgusting. I'm undiagnosed, but I've got Binge Eating Disorder with on and off periods of Anorexia. I always lose weight during the anorexic periods, but I can't stick to it. I always end up binging. I hate myself, and I've tried to rip the fat off of my stomach with my fingernails. I've made myself bleed a couple of times, and it feels sort of nice. As a recovered self harmer, I'm trying to keep myself from doing it, but it's so hard. I'm just so lost, and no matter what I do, the pounds just don't seem to come off. Every time I'm around a male, I just get so self conscious that I want to cry. I think they might be hitting on me, but then I remember that I'm fat and disgusting. Nobody wants me.

Jul 21, 2014
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