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Assault Breaker
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I walked in on my parents when I was in jr. high school! I was getting ready to go to school and wanted to grab something I left in their room. I opened their door only to find my mom sitting at the edge of the bed and my dad standing naked in front of her!! She looked like she was giving him a prostate exam (it def wasn't a bj). My jaw dropped and my young mind was trying to figure wth was going on. I was extremely weirded out man. Here's the kicker, my mom slowly turns her head to look at me (a la exorcist style) with that typical "pissed off mom" look and she calmly says "do you have any manners? you don't know how to knock?" I never did learn to knock on her door. I just never entered when the door was closed.

Jun 08, 2012
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