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Assault Breaker
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my dad raped me when i was little. i wasn't ever able to tell anybody because he had promised to kill me if i did. that lasted six years. he died when i was seven and as a goodbye gift he took every picture he ever took of him "hurting" me and taped them on my mom's bedroom walls. i am sixteen now and my mom has been dating this new guy for almost a year. he is possibly the nicest guy i have ever known and has helped me destroy many things from my childhood including the many horrible pictures my dad took, the "baby doll" dress he made me wear, and has even helped me over come the fear of the word baby doll. he was twice the father mine was and loves me as if i was his own daughter. someone please tell me i still can't call him dad. i want to with all my heart but every time i try to say it i lose my voice and i cry. why can't i tell this man how much he means to me?

Jul 14, 2013
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