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Assault Breaker
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I've been thinking about running away for awhile now. I live in New York City where the culture is nothing, but pop and rap and where it's cool to be Ghetto. I just want to run away to find a place where musicians and artists are accepted, a place where rock and roll still thrives. I'm 16 and I know that most people are just going to tell me not to run away, but that's not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for tips. Should i pack light or bring as many necessities as possible? Should i go by bike, or just bring a small skateboard? How do I go unnoticed once the authorities come looking for me? do i dye my hair, and grow out some facial hair? should i get a fake ID? Also how much money do I bring? I need to get out of here and I have no idea where I'm headed, but fate will bring me where I need to be. I also want to know would playing music on the street make me enough money survive? Where would I stay? I need all the advice about what to do. If your just going to tell me not to, don't bother commenting.

Feb 14, 2013
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