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when i was little (about 5 or 6) there was this one girl and she was the same age and we always use to sniff eachothers buttholes and sometimes well... lets just say she didnt wipe good enough

Aug 05, 2012

I was taking a shower after gym class at school when i realized i needed an extra towel to dry my hair,the bell had not ring yet so everyone was in class.I figured i could sneak through the hallway to ask a teacher but i was wrong!my crush was walking down the hall towards me!he grabed my towel away.panicked i hid my thing in front.He said hey i have got your towel AND 10 box,you want it?' foolishly i took my hands of of my thingy and grabbed for the money with both hands!he saw my thingy and said hey you got a cute one their!I gasped and he told me someone was behind me.i turned around and know one was there he just wanted to see the size of my butt as he always asked me.he held 5 more box in his hand and said that i should show him my thing again i did it and he gave the towel an 5 box!he is now not my crush but were now besties!we talk about emmbarresing stories that could happen!

Aug 06, 2012
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