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Dearest Emma W____, You know you're cousin Jordy? Well at his birthday party last spring I got f***ed up on pills and vodka and banged him and (at least) two or three of his friends. Including Nick. Who you've had a crush on since grade school. He gives GREAT head. Also including your boyfriend, Toby. He said I was the best he ever had. They left the door open and let everyone watch and join in. I think they kept going after I passed out. It was a great party, you should have come. Love, L

Jun 16, 2012

Sometimes I hit on my girlfriends sister. I used to date her sister 2 years ago but we broke up and I started dating my current girlfriend. The problem is that even though I love my girlfriend I still wanna have sex with her sister. Her sister has said she is down to get busy but my girlfriendnever leaves us alone long enough, how do I get her to leave me and her sister alone long enough for sex? P.s. I plan on only having sex with her sister a few times and I'll never tell her so I just need advice to get rid of my gf temporarily.

Aug 11, 2012

My teacher has sex with me and gives me an A plus for it. I feel wrong, but she's pretty damn hot.

Jul 26, 2012
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