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Assault Breaker
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I'm 12 and pregnant! I'm NOT lying! I had sex and now I'm pregnant! How do I tell my parents? D;

May 25, 2012

What the F***!? Am i the only one that think in order to be a good mother you can't continue to be friends with the man that's been molesting your own daughter for 5 goddamn years!?

Jun 25, 2012

When we were both younger, my sister and I loved to play with toys. I had G.I. Joes and she had many Bratz dolls. One doll in particular that she always loved was this giant, 2ft Bratz doll with interchangeable feet and clothing. I kind of found the doll creepy, but as puberty ravaged my body I began to feel something else. On more than one occasion, my sister would leave the doll in the shower (she loved bath toys) and when I would step in to shower, I would be greeted by this naked, plastic woman. I kept things casual at first; ignoring it, then glancing at it, then talking to it. Before long we shared our first kiss and not long after that we were having sex. She may have been plastic, but she knew how to please a man and the way she just took it all over her face... She was my plastic little slut and my sister never knew.

Aug 17, 2012

I'm 14. I was raped by a 22 year old when I was 13. It was my fault because I was stupid enough to "date" him. I tried to erase that memory by having sex with this guy I liked who was 17. Another stupid choice. Then this guy my age talked his way into my head and I gave myself up to him also. Then he dumped me. I was lonely so I f***ed the 17 year old again who is 18 now. Didn't feel guilty about that. The thing is, I never orgasm so there's no point in sex either way. I flirt with mostly older guys. I don't really notice I do it anymore. My parents are alcoholics who hate each other but can't afford a divorce. I hate my father. And I don't want to end up like my mom. I tell everybody everything about me before I can stop myself. I have mixed feelings of all of this. But I act so nonchalant about it.

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