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Im currently f***ing twin brothers somtimes at the same time, I feel weird about it but then i rember their both super hot. I cant even rember how it got to this


Jesus is my savior. I love him to death. But I still masturbate and it feels so good!! Afterwards, however, I feel extremely guilty.


I'm sexually attracted to my cousin. He's 25, goodlooking, I almost never see him. And i'm 18. sometimes I think about walking in on him, or watching him masturbate, i've already told my boyfriend. He wasn't disgusted. Surprisingly. He asked me if he ever offered to f*** me before my boyfriend and I dated would I accept? My body pulsed, I said yes. Now I know itll never happen, but is it really that wrong knowing I wouldn't act on it??


My problem is this: I constantly want to murder people. I just can't stand being in crowds and when I get too mad I just want to strange someone! Plus if someone acts stupid around me I start thinking about ways to kill them! Its starting to scare me. I just hope I don't hurt anyone.


There are three openly lesbian girls on my basketball team. One of them constantly flirts and plays around with us as a guy would. I don't know why, but she kinda turns me on. I've never thought of myself as les, but I'm starting to feel some emotion towards girls. There's another girl on our team who says she's straight, but she'll mess around with us in the locker room, "grind" on us during a song, and joke about making love. I'm pretty sure she's joking, but I still have feelings towards her. Is this just a phase? I haven't had any sexual action with neither guys or girls. I can only see myself dating a guy, but girls turn me on way more than boys do.

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