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I was at the beach and tanning and had to go so bad I peed in my bikini and every one could see cause only the crotch part was wet and dripping an I fell asleep really embarrassed and I woke up god up and my friends had run back to the car with my clothes and beach towel and bikini so I ran back naked when I realized I had too pee so I squatted in a bush when a cute guy walked up and tickled me I peed all over myself and he touched my crotch and I pulled back and ran way screaming and found my friends video taping it!!! Now that I look back on it it was funny!!!

Sep 17, 2012

sometimes i let my dog sleep on my bed. and one day i woke up to him licking my crotch. it was the grossest thing thats ever happened to me, and im scarred for life.

Sep 14, 2012

Highschool was tough for me. I especially hated all the random boners I got. During the summer I didn't have a coat to cover it up so those times were tough. One day I got really fed up and decided to tie my penis to my leg. Didn't work because when it got soft it would come out of the rope. Next idea was to tie the rope really tight. Didn't work since it hurt so much. Finally I decided to duct tape it to my leg. It went well until I got hard and realized my penis can't bend all the way down to me leg when it's hard. I was walking like a hunchback trying to find a spot to undo the tape. Lesson learned. Don't mess with your penis. Just let it be.

Sep 07, 2012

One time I was getting a blowjob from my girlfriend in her room while everyone in her house was asleep... Then her dad walked in to check because he heard noise. He was walkin toward the roomI was naked as well as my girlfriend and I had to open the window and jump out naked and run home naked :(

Aug 11, 2012

Okay, I'm a gymnast so i was showing my moves at a friends house! When i went to do my backhandspring and land in the pajamas ripped right where the crouch is! Gosh badluck! -Madison 12, Canada! Yikes!

Aug 07, 2012
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