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My little sis walked in on me and stayed when I was trying to see if I could lick the end of my weenee.

Oct 03, 2014

I'm a 9th grade pot head. Whenever I'm high, I do the stupidest shit. I was with my ex boyfriend on sunday, at a park, and we started skipping around the bathrooms like idiots.. Then every 5 minutes we'd go find a hiding spot and hug each other and say stupid stuff. Lmao .-.


I'm a 9th grade "emo girl". My brothers friend is a 19 yr old 6 ft wrestler.... On Halloween, he threw a battery at my face, so I sat on his back, shoved his face in his crouch and held him there for 5 minutes telling him to say sorry over and over again. Then the past two nights ago, I beat the living crap out of him about 15x. Left him with a bunch of bruises. Oh, and the most funniest thing I did to him was, I made him say he has a crocked dick in front of my brothers friends, and I made him say he's so gay for my brother (He's straight and hates gay people :( ) x3


It's me cell phone eater. The other day I was in the school bathroom and I for some reason just sat fully clothed in the urinal. And I was laughing when a sophtmore walked in and screamed like a little girl. I yelled laughing at him and I attacked him and peed on him! Hahah!!!!!

Jan 11, 2013
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