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I found out that this girl I'm dating recently made out with another girl at a party!! I'm going to play my cards right because it has been my fantasy to join in on some girl on girl action for a looong tiiime!! giggity giggity goo... alriiight

Jul 09, 2012

Every crush I've ever had was an anime character from Hetalia... It's just... Every country has his qualities that makes him so likable. Sometimes I fantasize about me another country, doing anything from just talking to sex. Is that wrong? (If you don't know what Hetalia is, I suggest you look it up, It's great!)

Jun 09, 2012

Douglas is my next door neighbor and goes to my school. I see him everyday and talk to him a lot. The first time I seen him naked was a accident because my dog was in his yard at the back of the car port. It was dark out and his bathroom window was open at the bottom and I could see in. After that I started to throw a ball over there for my dog just so I could see him again. I still do it a couple times a week when I see his light on at night. I seen him masturbate many times and I know he would just die if he knew I did. Its bad enough that I watch him but last month I started taking my friend Kim with me sometimes. He is younger than us and is real cute and he masturbates almost everytime I go over there. Kim seen him doing it three times already. I feel bad sometimes when we talk to him because I do like him.

Jun 06, 2012

tom HARDy turns me on,i dont care even when hes playing bane i wanna touch myself

May 26, 2012

I'm sixteen years old and i f***ing love milfs whenever i see one that is hot i cant look away its so embarassing because i get boners and sometimes they look back at me like wtf? right and then later i go home and jackoff to a mental image of them

May 25, 2012
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