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This guy I work with said he found a picture of me on Tumbler. He sent me the link and its actually an animated gif of me f***ing this dude I used to go out with years ago. You can clearly see my face and boobs since I was on top. Anyway, my co-worker was cool about it at first, saying he wasnt going to tell anyone, but later he started asking me out for dinner and drinks after work, which I have refused because I am not interested in him like that. Now he is bitter and telling me that unless I let him f*** me, he will show that Tumbler link to our boss and get me fired. I am at the point now that I'll just let him f*** as much as he wants for one night just to shut him up, but I am worried that it wont end there and that he will want more. He looks at me very lewdly when he stops by my desk and makes a point of rubbing his crotch in front of me. He is always staring at my legs and cleavage. I feel so angry and stupid. What do you think I should do?

Sep 29, 2012

So I have an older brother, I'm 16 he's almost 19. Well he has always liked sitting in between my legs when watching movies,TV etc. I have always thought it was ok I didn't mind until the other night when it was just us, my parents went out on a date. Well anyways he was a little drunk and while we were sitting there he admits to me that the reason he love s sitting between my legs it's because he loves the smell of my vagina. That freaked me out but I didn't know what to do so I just sat their until the movie was over he didn't even seem like it was weird. Now I'm scared he might try something. Honestly he is a very nice brother and my friends think I'm lucky to have him as a brother. I couldn't live without him but what should I do?

Sep 25, 2012

He pushes me. She whispers behind my back, saying I got pregnant because I am such a slut. It doesn't bother me. Then, They all do it. No one is my friend anymore, even teachers look down upon me. They don't know I was raped by him. They don't know my history, because no one ever LISTENS. No abortion, it's gonna be born in the bed, and dropped off at an Orphanage, my parents say. No one knows what happened. No one can hear my screams.

Sep 19, 2012

I want to kill myself. I think I just might. I'm stupid, pathetic, and worthless. I'm a fat cow. Too fat to be anorexic, I'm ashamed of saying I have an Eating Disorder. I'm so miserable, depressed, helpless. I have no hope. I just want out. The cuts get worse and worse. I'm in need of more weight loss pills. I tryed getting dad said No. I can't get help alone, I don't have a job. I wouldn't be able to pay the sessions. I'm 15. My boyfriend thinks I'm a joke, I'm too fat to be anorexic. I always cry, I want to die. Life is getting too annoying to live. I'm going to kill myself....I just wish someone cared. I wish someone could tell I'm hurting inside, even if it's a stranger. My "family, friends, and boyfriend" don't care. At all. They wouldn't care if I died. I have no reason to live. I have pure A's and B's. I'm a Cheerleader. They say I'm "beautiful". I weight 102. Guys like me. People think my life is great.'s not. I have low self esteem, I hate myself, everyone thinks I'm fine. Even

Sep 17, 2012

I hate violence but secretly love bondage porn, and I really want to try it. I love it when people bite me, but I know if I tell them they will think I'm crazy. I'm only 17...

Sep 15, 2012
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