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Assault Breaker
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Is it wrong to feel VERY sexually attracted to a lamp? I mean seriously this lamp is turning me on so much and I think thats not normal.

Jan 24, 2013

when i die i want the tupac hologram guarding my grave and my body dangling from a cord attached to an apache tied around my nuts as it drops me into my grave filled runscape membership cards and steve jobs and kim thompsons ashes mixed together with a strip club built over with titanium b-2 bombers flying over every hour with penis fountians shooting seaman guarded by a rusty gate with super AIDS on it in front of the white house while being broadcast on every channel including cartoonnetwork disney but not nick cause thats ratchet and thats only thats only the first half of my body

Nov 27, 2012

My cousin is fourteen and Im twelve (we are both girls) and we are REALLY close we are pretty much as close as sisters and then some. Lately, when she is giving me a hug, she will hold on longer and push me closer and act all lesbian with me and Im just standing there like --pat pat-- ITS SO AWKWARD! And also, I dunno if maybe she is bi, cuz Ive been suspecting that for a while but its sooo uncomfortable when she hugs me like that it feels sooo wrong and blehhhhhhhh

Nov 24, 2012

I'm officially scarred for life...somehow, I don't even know how or when this happened, my dad put a box of condoms (the box is still in its plastic wrap) under my pillow. I went to lay down and I felt something poke into my back. It was a box of Trojans. I'm only 14...

Nov 20, 2012

Whenever guys ask me why girls always go to the bathroom in groups, I just joke around and tell the that Hermione went alone and was attacked by a troll and Moaning Myrtle went alone and was killed by the basilisk. (Im a HP fan) But the real reason is that... my big sister went alone.... and she got raped...

Nov 19, 2012
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