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ok so i have a few confessions to make and i would also like some advice #1 i only like guys older(20's) than me (I'm 15) but i feel bad about it all the time and i don't know what to do about it #2 for some reason i don't like my mom very much and i don't know why i just can't stand her much #3 i kinda want to get pregnant but i know i can't do it. its just my mind. #1 how do i get older guys too look at me? #2 how can i get/convince my parents to let me go somewhere alone like another country(Canada i have a friend there)?

Sep 21, 2014

It was my husband who insisted we join the country club so I could play tennis a couple times a week. One day months ago Joan the manager asked if I would like a massage which is only $20 to members. I went in to a private room with only a long towel around me when James came in. I was expecting a woman but he assured me he was professional. I laid down with my face in the opening seeing only the floor. He started at my shoulder and when he began doing my legs his hand came far up in my thighs. Without thinking I opened my legs slightly and could feel his hands almost touching my vagina and I became quickly aroused. He asked politely if I would like him to massage my buttocks and again without thinking I said ok. My rear was not only exposed but his hands were all over my backside and down into my crotch. I actually had an orgasm with no penitration. That started it and now I have James massage me once a week. Its turned out where he sees me naked and although he doesn't penitrate me I orgasm every time.

Sep 16, 2014

So, I have a couple 1) I'm 17 and am afraid of being in a relationship. 2) I often read erotic stories and masturbate. 3) My step-father recently bought a new shower head, with different features , and I use the rough one on my clit. 4)I once used my aunt's dildo. 5) I often wish I had the guts to do drugs, party, and have sex. to prove to anyone that i would if do those things if i wasn't so good. 6) I'm about to go take a shower ;)

Jul 25, 2014

I like to sniff stinky sneezes. If my own, I sneeze into my panties so I can sniff them. Am I weird?

Jul 24, 2014

I'm a female, but I've always had this desire in the back of my head. I've always wanted to be a man. I want to have a cock, and penetrate a woman. I want to f*** other men, too. I want to feel my hot dick up their tight a**hole. I wonder if this is normal, or if I'm just being ridiculous. I keep wondering if I'm actually transsexual, or if I'm just fantasizing. Either way, when I get older, I'm buying a strapon.

Jul 21, 2014
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