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I just had sex with my boyfriend... I want to go die in a whole. One he's really big and I'm really small. Two I didn't know what I was doing. Three when we finally found a position I was okay with the suction made stupid embarrassing fart noises. Four I damn near cried in front of him. At least he liked when I gave him a bj. I'm good with my tongue and that's about it. Maybe I was a stripper in a past life. Looking cute and giving head... Someone shoot me


ok so i have a few confessions to make and i would also like some advice #1 i only like guys older(20's) than me (I'm 15) but i feel bad about it all the time and i don't know what to do about it #2 for some reason i don't like my mom very much and i don't know why i just can't stand her much #3 i kinda want to get pregnant but i know i can't do it. its just my mind. #1 how do i get older guys too look at me? #2 how can i get/convince my parents to let me go somewhere alone like another country(Canada i have a friend there)?

Sep 21, 2014

I've never been a skinny girl, but recently I've seen pictures of myself tagged on Facebook, and I just look unbearable. I can't stand how big I've gotten. The problem is - this is less than I used to weigh, and I'm still huge and disgusting. I'm undiagnosed, but I've got Binge Eating Disorder with on and off periods of Anorexia. I always lose weight during the anorexic periods, but I can't stick to it. I always end up binging. I hate myself, and I've tried to rip the fat off of my stomach with my fingernails. I've made myself bleed a couple of times, and it feels sort of nice. As a recovered self harmer, I'm trying to keep myself from doing it, but it's so hard. I'm just so lost, and no matter what I do, the pounds just don't seem to come off. Every time I'm around a male, I just get so self conscious that I want to cry. I think they might be hitting on me, but then I remember that I'm fat and disgusting. Nobody wants me.

Jul 21, 2014

I'm conflicted. This girl that I've been hanging out with know that I like her. Her parents don't know that I'm gay and don't hesitate to invite me over. They think I'm a great influence to their daughter. However, she is experimenting and I am actually spending nights with her and we end up making out and touching each other. She is a great kisser and possible the greatest loss to the lesbian world. She is a world class masseuse and gives me massages all the time. I love her. But she is not a lesbian nor is she bisexual. Our "relationship" is kept between us. I want her to be mine, but she thinks that I'm just a play toy... I need help. We are both 16 and go to the same high school in virginia.

Feb 24, 2014
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