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I'm a 9th grade "emo girl". My brothers friend is a 19 yr old 6 ft wrestler.... On Halloween, he threw a battery at my face, so I sat on his back, shoved his face in his crouch and held him there for 5 minutes telling him to say sorry over and over again. Then the past two nights ago, I beat the living crap out of him about 15x. Left him with a bunch of bruises. Oh, and the most funniest thing I did to him was, I made him say he has a crocked dick in front of my brothers friends, and I made him say he's so gay for my brother (He's straight and hates gay people :( ) x3


I was at a sleepover at my friends house and I forgot to pack underwear and only had jeans and a skirt. We had come from the pool so I wasn't wearing any panties. I knew the jeans would rub but that was better than a skirt? Right? NOT! The skirt wasn't THAT short, it was about 3 1/2 inches above my knee. Wait, that's really short! We were playing tag and everything was fine when suddenly my skirt was caught in a branch. I hated being "it" because I couldn't tag anyone, so I pulled so unsnag my skirt. It ripped my skirt off leaving me completely naked besides my regular sized shirt! I ran inside and grabbed my jeans but not before her dad saw me!! AHHH this was THE worst sleepover EVER. Her dad kept looking at me weirdly!! I even saw him with a boner!! I never wanted to go to their house again. EVER!! My friends still tease me about it, I hate it.

Oct 04, 2013

I want to be hypnotized. My close friend who is currently an elementary school teacher doesn't know that I want her to hypnotize me. She told me that she had her 3 daughters hypnotized after they became 13. She said it worked wonders. I really wish she would have hypnotized me. Anytime I see women get hypnotized I become horny and jealous by the idea. I think she would put me under deep and probably put me in the kitchen to do chores or clean. I wish I told her so maybe if I had done something bad she would hypnotize me. I am not sure if I should tell her. I was put under hypnosis once before by an older women though. Before that I was really horny and wanted her to touch me in my vagina.

Sep 25, 2013

I feel weird about confessing this, I like to get my girlfriend to sneeze in my face. It is very gross I know but I noticed when she sneezes its like a spray. And it is very stinky. When I first met her and saw her sneeze I noticed the stinky smell. But it turns me on. So much. That's why I like it when she sneezes in my face.

Sep 21, 2013

When I was 15 my cousin was staying at our house and I hid outside the bathroom window and watched her shave her pu**y. Whew, I wanna get more off my chest.

Sep 04, 2013
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