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My guilty pleasure is that I watch Bestiality. The one with women and animals (Dogs and farm animals), if it's straight then I'll watch it. I will read manga of it too. I would never try Bestiality though! Sometimes I'll watch a guy do it with a dog or a horse.

Mar 26, 2015

My name is Barry and my confession is quite embarrassing. My ex-girlfriend talked me into performing fellatio on her current boyfriend while she watched. I was hoping that it would show her how willing I am to just be with her. Her boyfriend was working my tonsils hard and she started laughing. I was so embarrassed. As her boyfriend finished dumping a gallon in my mouth, the most embarrassing thing in my life happened. Five of her female friends came rushing into the room laughing. They had been in the next room watching me on hidden camera. They all call my Blowjob Barry.

Mar 25, 2015

One day I was talking to my brother and his friends, and they were being inappropriate and making sexual comments towards me, soo I told them to f*** off, after my brother left. I'm not sure why they were still at my house but everyone else was gone. They tied me to a chair and made me give them head, blow jobs, and have a foursome with them... I was cool with it, and I didn't get pregnant

Mar 17, 2015
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